About Us

Hi! We are Sylvia & Vilma, a crafty mother-daughter team from Los Angeles, and together we make up Two Elephants!

It all started with a bear (or lots of bears). In 2011, we lost a very special and important person in our family, our grandfather/father. Upon cleaning out his things from our grandmothers/mothers house, we had the idea of keeping some of his clothing to create “Memory Bears” for everyone in our family, that way everyone had a little piece of him to hold close and remember him by. The bears turned out to be such a treasured gift that we started getting many requests to make them for others. We’ve slowly grown from there and now offer other handcrafted memory items that can be purchased in our Etsy shop.

About Sylvia:
Hi! I’m Sylvia, the “daughter” of this mother-daughter duo. I have been crafting/creating/making/designing ever since I can remember. I come from a very creative family whose motto should be “We can make that!”. I am self-taught in almost everything, some skills I learned from my mom. I love trying new techniques, the most recent of which is quilting. I enjoy hand embroidery, sewing, quilting and knitting among many other things. I have a strong love of fabric and would own a fabric store just to look at it all day long if I could! I also run my own jewelry business, Daisy Jewelry.

About Vilma:
Hello there! I’m Vilma, the “mother” of the mother-daughter duo that is Two Elephants. I started sewing as soon as I could pick up a needle and learned other skills like knitting, crochet, and embroidery soon after. I am completely self-taught in everything and enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make things. I always come up with a new project I want to work on, which leads to a never ending to-do list. I’m currently living my dream of crafting as my “job” and taking care of my grandkids!